Friday, May 16, 2008

friday afternoon

it is the most beautiful day in santa barbara. the jacaranda trees are all in full bloom, which leaves the streets looking like they're perpetually recovering from a parade with lots of purple confetti. it is warm and clear outside, the kind of afternoon that was meant for wandering and sailing and accidental sunburns. and i'm glad on days like this for the bright sunshine, and i marvel at the fact that a star millions of miles away can light my small office and warm the concrete outside.

in another world . . . this is a great post to read about one person's response to the ca supreme court's decision to strike down the ban against gay marriage. i cannot imagine what it would feel like being told that i couldn't marry the person i wanted to. or even worse things, from the church, about how loving that person made me an aberration in God's eyes. yikes. i mean, i do my fair share of getting things wrong, but i think the part of me that loves other people is really the best part of me.

i have to call hermes today and put in my order for a celebratory bag five years down the road, just so that i know it will be ready whenever i do decide to get married. i'll let you know how it goes.

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