Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the ring

a.) i am not engaged.

2.) i found the prettiest ring EVER. and when i say ever, i mean EVEEEER. why was i looking? why was i with a friend in an engagement ring type of store when i am not engaged? please stop being so nosy.

c.) no, i will not tell you where the ring is because you might buy it and then what would i do?

5.) this might be the incentive i've been looking for to stop biting my nails. and my cuticles.

r.) it is gooooooooooooooorgeous, and it would look perfect on my finger. it already did, i mean, when i tried it on and the man at the store wrote down all the pertinent information (his idea, not mine!). and it is interesting. it has a 'split shank,' which i have been calling a 'double-band thingy' ever since i saw my friend lisa's like three years ago and loved it.

99.) does that rule still exist, about how a ring should cost the equivalent of two months' salary?

z.) why, when i value feminism and gender equality, do i still think i should be the one getting proposed to? ohhhh, but it is so PRETTY!!!

. . . i feel a little like golum from 'lord of the rings,' "my precious," etc. etc. but come on. you would too.


SportsFan's Daughter said...

I.)I am totally impressed that you're admitting to the entire interwebs that you tried on an engagement ring

B.) The farthest that I was able to go was to tell Shane not to even consider anything gold or anything heart shaped

3rd.) And now - of course -I wear mostly gold jewelery (you know you've been married forever WHEN...)

2+2.)Lisa got the "split shank" idea from Britney Spears, just FYI


laura ortberg said...

oooh, the gold versus silver thing. i know. gold is in lately, you know, so you can chalk your accessories up to being in style and not because you are a fuddy-duddy.

i would be honored to wear a ring inspired by britney. honored.