Sunday, July 26, 2009

why do people get married?

because my friend emily recommended it, i recently bought a really comprehensive anxiety workbook.  it is full of chapters on things like self-talk, breathing exercises, and has lots of text boxes with questionnaires.  one of the chapters walks through the Holmes and Rahe stress scale, which lists 43 different life events in descending order of difficulty.  

the number one most stressful life event is the death of a spouse.  it's an event that merits a '100' rating on the scale.  the next-highest event, divorce, is a 73 -- followed by marital separation, coming in at a 65.  

marriage is a 50. trouble with in-laws, shared finances, children, and a spouse's work all follow down the line.  

i just re-read the wikipedia article.  if you're a 'non-adult,' getting married rates 101 on the scale.  which seems like cheating.  but, more importantly, when does a non-adult become an adult?

why, again, do people get married?


Lesley Miller said...

People get married cause it's the most fun thing EVER! (um, except for when you're husband is a major pain, like mine is being this week as he studies for the Bar. But, let's not focus on my problems....)

Based on our few conversations, you are more adult than a lot of 30+ people i know. It's less age, more attitude and thought. You'll be an amazing wife.

I'm so checking out that anxiety book. Thanks for the recommendation. ;0

laura ortberg said...

ha! you're making me laugh, lesley. the book that emily recommended is the anxiety and phobia workbook, 4th edition. it's great.

and thanks. i am so excited to be married.

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