Monday, January 25, 2010

yoga, part 2

one thing you learn about yoga is that everybody farts.

it is, i suppose, altogether impossible to get into so many positions with your butt in the air and your head on the floor and not pass gas at least once or twice in your career.

everyone has a different M.O. with this, too. some people, nice, embarrassed people, will look around apologetically and offer a quiet "sorry" to their classmates. not infrequently, the smell will hit you before you even realize what happened and it's all you can do to stay in warrior 3 and not run out of the room, mouth covered. and all too often, you'll hear the telltale noise ('shooting a bunny,' my grandmother calls it) in the middle of the silence and dread the seconds it will take for the smell to waft over your way. everyone ignores the noise because we are, after all, adults; serious adults who don't find anything funny during yoga.

still - i'm ready for it to stop. or at least to buy a hell of a lot of febreze for the studio i go to. ewwwwlll.


J. R. Daniel Kirk said...

Wow, Laura, that is one of the more special and intimate blog posts I've read in some time. Thanks for [showing us the need for] opening a window on your world.

J. R. Daniel Kirk said...

Good news! I shared your post with some friends, two of whom have expressed the moment in Haiku:

Downward facing dog
Lifts leg while wind is whistling
Yoga begins; Ommm ...

Deep releasing stretch
A tight squeak of restrained air
Karma is our home