Friday, October 3, 2008

new things

sometimes, i think about this song that we used to sing at church in chicago a lot, and one of the lines in it goes 'all you ever do, is change the old to new.' i used to think that this was pretty insulting to God, like saying that he just sits around in heaven and keeps an eye out for things that need changing and then changes them. like the world was just full of diapers, and everything had a shelf life, and God's was a job of making sure that nothing smelled too bad or was too far past due.

but now i see that i have totally underestimated change.

long story short, i am in a brand new job. second day. working in the city. my nerves are firing rapidly (and that's about the extent of my physiological knowledge). it's new and kind of scary and exciting at the same time. i'm a homebody - what is a girl to do when she has a two-hour commute each day and the desire to be in sweats never leaves her? how do i reconcile that person with the one who loves the carrie bradshaw walk down battery to get my morning cup of peet's? how does one body house so many different people?

things change. seasons change; the leaves are turning orangey and falling off the trees, and the kids are lining up outside the classroom door with their gently worn backpacks and brand new fall coats. and i'm in the middle of a change, too. a new thing. and i can't help but wonder, who would i be without new things? what would God do if he didn't change the old to new? that is redemption. this day is redeemed.

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T.S.B. said...

Homebody, love of the status quo, appreciator/lover of change.

Sounds to me like you are a conservative at heart who is trying to convince yourself, via drastic life changes (i.e. career shifts), that you are a liberal.