Wednesday, October 8, 2008

oh, life

so i have this new job, and i am literally surrounded, cloistered, and barricaded in. by books. this is like my dream version of the candy house that hansel and gretel encountered on their walk in the forest, minus (so far) the witch who tried to eat them. everywhere i go - books, books, and more books. and they range from the theological to the sadly practical to the judeo-sexual. i am not kidding about that last category.

in one of my interviews, a very intelligent person told me that publicity is the business of marketing ideas. and while sometimes the notion of 'marketing' carries slimey or disingenuous connotations, i have nothing but deep respect for the way this group goes about marketing its ideas.
and really, what better to market than ideas? as dallas reminds us in spirit of the disciplines, we are set apart from other animals because of the nature of our conscious minds. God is in those ideas - he inhabits them, in totally surprising and funny ways.

as my friend sarah (aka 'srah') might say: oh, life.


SportsFan's Daughter said...

I just read somewhere that as humans we are each a "consciousness with a conscience." Just thought I'd throw that out there...

Congrats on the new dream job!

Sarah said...


Sarah said...

And of course, oh, life. The ups and downs always catch us by surprise. And come visit the rainy city. You better start building up those vacation days!

- srah

T.S.B. said...

First of all, the Dodgers have surely been the awesome at times since Sandy Koufax. Orel for example was a complete badass.

Secondly, for the record, I wouldn't call myself a conservative. Not really a liberal either. Frankly, I feel both sides are full of shit.

Though, I will say, I am leery of that Alaskan chick.

Katie Dally said...

Yay! I am beyond excited for your publishing-publicity gig! Fantastico ... and may I come do a lunch slash informational interview over Christmas break?? Love love, and congrats again!