Tuesday, November 4, 2008

m&m parade

when we were very little, my parents used to throw us m&m parades. they were very specific occasions, celebrating a specific achievement, with rewards and a walk around our house and a delightful little tune that went along with it all. and today, with my wilting 'i voted' sticker half-attached to my sweater and watching cnn videos semi-covertly at work and hitting refresh every five minutes on the color-coded map of america and talking politics with colleagues . . . today, i kind of feel like the whole country is involved in a huge m&m parade.
and while it's easier for me to say because i am aligned with the man who will be president, i hope that our country can pause a moment and put aside partisanship and celebrate the stiiiiinking incredible thing it is that we have elected an african-american as our leader, breaking barriers and shuttering fears centuries old.

that, and that most especially right now, is worth and m&m parade. amen.

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