Sunday, February 8, 2009

twenty five things about me, written by me.

1. i have a nemesis. his name is vince, and he works at blockbuster.

2. i don't like to think of myself as inordinately devoted to my dog, but i am. (I had 'probably am' at first, and then i thought, what would michele say to me? and then i removed the 'probably')

3. lauren and brian made camping fun for me, which i really thought would NEVER happen.

4. last summer, i fell while running downhill at night in strappy sandals and fell smack on my face; no damage to my hands at all. good friends, surprise coke & rums, and oversieze sunglasses made it better.

5. p.g. wodehouse and pat conroy are tied for favorite author.

6. on that note, i think i go a little bit crazy when i'm not reading a novel (which i'm not right now).

7. i am oddly competitive for someone who has never really been involved in organized sports.

8. sometimes i daydream about working in the fashion industry, and like to live vicariously through shows like 'the hills,' 'the city,' and 'project runway.'

9. if i could only eat peanut butter toast (creamy jif, orowheat 100% whole grain bread) for the rest of my life, my diet would not look too different than it does today.

10.i really like fancy hotels.

11. of all the people that i admire, there is no one more so than zack.

12. the time that zack bought me an iced tea when we were in the middle of a fight (a fight that was all my fault) is one of the clearest moments and pictures of grace i have.

13. i will cry every time i watch anne of green gables.

14. when i was younger, i had a recurring nightmare where i was in the back of a car driving around chino hills, and about ten minutes in i realized that no one was at the steering wheel.

15. vince, the aforementioned nemesis, thinks that i have bad taste in movies. he has not actually said so with words, but i can see it in his eyes every time i bring 'saw v' or 'she's all that' to the register. i would like to either A.) beat him in a game of obscure movie trivia or B.) tell him that he would be impressed by my actual movie-watching but blockbuster's selection leaves a lot to be desired so i just get good movies from netflix or C.) both of those but what will probably happen is D.) i will keep renting b-movies from blockbuster and never say anything and vince will continue judging me. it's what we know.

16. the only other nemesis i've had was when i was a cca at forest home. i was 12.

17. my iphone has not changed my life, but i do like it.

18. bougainvillea, while not really suitable for a bouquet or vase, is probably my very favorite flower only because i so strongly identify it with california.

19. sometimes i take things personally that should not be taken personally.

20. sometimes i wish that jesse mollkoy still wanted to marry me, but i'm afraid he's been over it for years. bummer.

21. i do not like the show 'full house.'

22. not until college did i realize that the group of friends i had in high school was a rare commodity. i thought that everyone had a tight-knit, fallback group of people that walked with them through everything, and i think that learning that this wasn't the case has both made me deeply appreciate what we have and think differently about inclusion.

23. i turned twenty-three in june, and it still hasn't caught up to me. turning twenty-four might have to be put off another year.

24. doesn't matter what time of day it is or whether i have just eaten thanksgiving dinner, i will ALWAYS go to portillo's if someone is going, and will always have the same exact thing.

25. i'm feeling too much pressure to write a 'good' last one, so i'm just going to thank you for reading and go eat some peanut butter toast.


emilykatz said...

first: i cannot believe you don't like full house.
second: i knew that you loved peanut butter toast. point for me.
third: is it possible that you're judging yourself about your movie choices and vince could care less?

i'm just sayin'.

Courtney Williamson said...

#8- this came from our Barbie socks dresses, I am confident of that
#15- you forgot to mention that your favorite movie is Can't Hardly Wait. His beady eyes got even beadier when he heard that
#16- while I agree about T&L, I disagree with this observation. What about B Bottoms?

SportsFan's Daughter said...

#21: It's unfortunate that your choices mean that we can't be friends anymore. My loyalties lie with the Tanners.

Anonymous said...

my name is diego Im from peru I speak spanish so its a little bit dificult 4me to wright in english i need 2 ask u a breave question
whats the meaning of KEY OF C ? i reasently listin the paul simons song hehe :)

sorry 4 the mistakes
with love and friendship

betsie said...

ahaha! Diego is cracking me up!

Courtney said...

oh shoot you were right.