Friday, April 17, 2009


i'm at the airport, and my flight got delayed. i secretly love it when this happens. it means all kinds of things; irresponsible things, alone things, things i would not usually do as a respectable and upstanding citizen. like cinnabon for dinner, or a beer by myself, or way more magazines than is humanly possible to read in the space of a few hours. or watching the people around me intensely, because they are doing all kinds of crazy things when they think no one is looking, like taking pictures of the airline employees or picking their nose or scratching their crotches or yelling at someone on their cell phone.

and i'm onto a weekend of fun in l.a. - lauren and brian, mema, shanghai rummy, pasadena, jess, mallory, isabelle's cabinet, the huntington, and eighty-five degrees. delightful.

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Sarah said...

Were you in LAX on Friday? Cause I was. I went to SB this weekend. Hope you had a fun trip. I LOVED the weather.