Tuesday, April 21, 2009

this morning

the mornings before i go to work (on the days i don't sleep in) are one of my favorite parts of the day. today, i am watching the sex and the city where they all are late to carrie's 35th birthday, and i am smelling the fresh flowers outside and watching the cars go by that bring cars full of little kids with oversized backpacks to the school down the street. and sipping on my coffee, even though it's beyond acceptable temperature right now. and big is sliding red balloons therough the window of his car and popping champagne in the backseat, and the children are going to class, and all is right with the world.

and then i head into work, and sometimes the day back to work after a great weekend is hard. do other people feel that way too? it will be good to be back, but i will miss this weekend and play it over in my head, i hope not too much, because the more i do that the less i can experience what someone calls 'the sacrament of the present moment.'

and when i try to practice that sacrament, i will think of carrie and her red balloons and of deep friendships and of family and of Jesus.

good morning, world.

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