Tuesday, March 2, 2010

would you believe?

i was originally going to write about 1939, the golden year of american cinema; stagecoach, gone with the wind, wizard of oz, mr. smith goes to washington, etc. etc. but my internet sleuthing led me to the conclusion that i would way rather talk about CRAZY people who have won oscars in the past!
do you remember that BARBRA STREISAND won an oscar? and that this is what she looked like doing it?

OR, okay, OR, we have Cher.

who, somehow when accepting the oscar for her role in Moonstruck, remembered most of her outfit but FORGOT HER HEADDRESS. don't know how you forget a headpiece the size of a baby blue whale - wouldn't you think you'd notice that 300 pounds were lifted from your head? - but maybe it fell off when she took a bow and then ripped off nine-tenths of her dress to reveal a lovely, if long, shrug.

marisa tomei, of course, upset expectations when she took home the oscar for 'my cousin vinny.' so much so that there remains speculation that jack palance read the wrong name when he was announcing the winner. but, she's not so much crazy, you know?

off to class now. more tomorrow, we're at four days people!

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