Monday, May 17, 2010

name changing

i feel like i've had a lot on my mind lately, not the least of which is my constant self-nagging to get to the social security office and make an honest woman of myself. really, though, wouldn't my name-change make such a lovely 25th anniversary gift?

in the meantime, lots of good things coming up. coming down the pike. coming through the door.

kristy and alex.
corrie and bowman.
adam and emily.
san clemente.

in the meantime, i loved this dress from the met. yes, it was weeks ago now. still, i love it. curiously underaccessorized, however, which is a disappointment:

Diane Kruger was probably my favorite of the whole Met because 1) Pacey and 2) her dress, wow! Not many people could have pulled that off. Sadly, Tina Fey, you are the Worst. Really, let the models and the crazy people wear the jumpsuits. You keep wearing pretty strapless dresses, and we'll all be okay.


Myrna Perez said...

the zipper, the bow... ack!!!

.adam. said...

I made your blog....I have arrived.

Laura Ortberg Turner said...

your standards should be higher than that, bailon. but i'll take it for now.

see you soon!!!