Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You know you're a westmont graduate when . . .

I love lists - lists of any kind, really: the visual impact of orderly rows, the space between items, the neat collection of like things into one meta-thing. And I read something earlier today that made me think about things that westmont graduates have in common - so, this list! It'll probably be most applicable to people who graduated in the handful of years around mine.

SO, You know you're a westmont graduate when . . .

- You have more Save the Date magnets than space on your refrigerator
- Someone you know was totally entrepreneurial your sophomore year and created a recipe book of secret treats you could make with ingredients from the dc
- You were probably shushed by BP in chapel
- The fire was an awful tragedy, but you're secretly a little jealous of all the students who got their rooms rebuilt with modern conveniences like air conditioning
- Giving directions to campus almost always ended with, "You know what? I'll just meet you at Starbucks on Coast Village; it's easier."
- You could make prank phone calls by dialing someone's number from your room phone. Those were good days. (For st & kp)
- Blowing off a week's worth of class and homework for spring sing was not unheard of
- Getting tests and papers moved because of spring sing was not unheard of
- The best way to spend an afternoon was playing hooky from class, getting blenders, and laying out at butterfly beach
- Of course, you always ran the risk that though it was 80 and sunny on campus, butterfly was fogged in and 32 degrees.
- Theories circulated, from the benign to the grotesque, about the origin of the smell emanating from outside the study - grease trap, sewage, compost - but it remained a mystery
- Your friend group still has at least one member living in santa barbara, and you're probably a little bit jealous
- All of your friends are married. Except for the fifty percent who aren't, but it feels like all.
- Your coffee shops and your bars are the same place
- You're well accustomed to telling distant relatives or curious friends that no, West Point is a different school altogether and yes, Westmont is a Christian school but it's not like what you may be thinking. (Super conservative)

Fun thoughts. I always like thinking back on my time at Westmont. I'd also like to note that the items on this list do not all naturally flow from their leading statement, for which I apologize. Sorry. (Not really)


*corinne said...

good call on your third to last point!

the princess said...

a year after graduating from Wheaton, I would always tell people, "I went to Wheaton," and then add in a whisper, "but I'm not like *one of them*..." (meaning, legalistic, judgemental, etc.)

I no longer feel like I must add that disclaimer, but right after I graduated, I got a little bitter.